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Real-time, interest-based analytics

Trading Central's Featured Ideas boasts a seamless user experience that allows clients of FinPoints to easily track targets in real-time whether at home on a desktop or on-the-go. Through a combination of automated and personalised settings, users receive up to ten trade ideas based on the automated real-time analysis.

The Human Element

With FinPoints' TC Featured Ideas, clients will be introduced to a completely revamped and personalised forex experience. Featured Ideas identifies personalised trade ideas in real-time and partners it with a thorough commentary that facilitates user knowledge and familiarity with complex technical analyses.

Applicable Trading Advantages

Customisable Settings: Trades can filter for their favourite pairs, timeframes and analytics

Educational Commentary: Develop a foundation in technical analysis with the educational commentary which shows how each trade is put together, the different Technical Events found and price targets to look out for. ‘Watch’ a trade idea to hang on to it and check back later, allowing you to see how that idea performed overtime

High Conviction Multi-Signal Ideas: Trade ideas are based on not only individual chart patterns, such as a Triangle but confirmed by another Technical Event such as a Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) crossover so you can see a greater weight of evidence and can make confident decisions

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