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Automated Investment Analytics

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Trade from an analyst's-eye view

Trading Central's Analyst Views empowers clients of FinPoints with actionable and immediate trading plans. It is the world’s only financial market research solution combining the invaluable experience of senior analysts with automated algorithms.

Trading Central's patented pattern recognition is constantly monitoring the market with global 24/7 coverage on over 8,000 financial instruments and providing updated analyses whenever new price levels are met.

Meanwhile, their team of expert market technicians monitors and validates all incoming analyses to ensure a strong trend is present.

The Integrated Analytic Advantage

Because Analyst Views is found at the intersection of quantitative technology and market technician expertise, it empowers clients of FinPoints with timely professional opinions and an unparalleled breadth of coverage.

Investors can gain a full understanding of an instrument's technical scenario at a glance with the concise analysis which includes a preferred scenario, an alternative scenario and key prices levels.

The concise nature of Trading Central's analysis helps investors act immediately if required, while the clear target and pivot levels show them what they stand to gain or risk.

Full coverage of just about all of the most popular markets available instantly at the click of the button

Directional opinions with actionable trading levels are available around the clock and updated periodically as the situation changes

Direct Overlay on Charts - show resistance, support, pivot and important key target levels to enter or exit

New Widget - Discover new trade ideas based on market movements

Upgraded Charting Tools - Customise your charts with our upgraded charting tools, including flags, arrows and call-out balloons

New Pre-Loaded Layouts - Our new pre-loaded layouts are optimised for different trading styles depending on where you stand in the marketplace

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