Social Trading System

Multi-dimensional Data Analysis


Core Analysis Indicators

Including the trader's rate of return, total profit, followers.

Basic data indicators

12 kinds of data indicators such as average position duration, total deposit, total withdrawal, current balance, and current net value.

Trading Report

Cumulative income line chart, daily income bar chart, and rate of interest line chart, you can select multiple statistical periods.

Follower leaderboard

Trading behavior

Multi-dimensional analysis of accounts,
providing a wealth of data analysis indicators and analysis charts.

Monthly report

Monthly report histogram can be generated according to profit, lot size, number of points, and number of pens. Multiple statistical periods can be selected.

Variety analysis

From the four dimensions of profit, lot, number of points, and number of pens, the variety preference of the account order is displayed, and the cumulative or non-cumulative can be selected.

Follower leaderboard

Related Charts

Position and profit analysis of positions and short positions, change of position risk ratio change line chart, net value change line chart.

Historical Order

Display all trading orders, deposit and withdrawal records for the account, and filter for the order type. Careful analysis of the profit, yield and duration of orders.

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