MAM System

Follow Function



Tailored for economists, integrated system management,Multi-function, such as documentary, MAM, PAMM, etc. A management background that meets the management needs of different brokers.

  • Account List
  • Trader management
  • Follower management
  • Strategy package management
  • Variety control
  • Follow statistics
  • Order check
Trader management

Add or delete traders individually or in batches for user convenience

Show the current followers and historical followers of the trader, as well as the corresponding documentary statistics
Support single or batch stop following
Support single or batch followers
Support switching to follow the trading strategy package
Stop following support "open only" mode and "complete stop" mode

Add a strategy package to achieve the maximum number of positions in the strategy package

Implementing a policy package using a relationship list

Implement priority policies for matching policies and support policy priority adjustment

  • one policy package can contain multiple policies
  • Support individualized follow-up strategies for trading varieties
  • Support reverse order
  • Support fixed lot and lot ratio and capital ratio follow

Integrate all types of data from brokers

Support manual batch addition of personalized aliases

Realize intelligent matching function according to variety name

Statistics of the current day's income

Number of traders and followers on the statistical platform

Show the cumulative trend graph of the follow-up income

Order self-checking system, you can view the follow-up status of all orders, and view the following details

Support search by transaction account number and order number

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