MT4/5 White Label Solution

Deployment Service – Daily Operation Service


Technical Support Service

  • Order and Quotes Inquiry
  • Log Monitoring
  • Rollover Swap Update
  • Holiday Setting
  • Notification Delivery

Based on our rich technical support experience, often in the broker's operation, there will be customers who have questions about the result of the order transaction and consult, we will assist the broker's customer service team to check the quotes, order, log and other related records, give clear description of the situation.

In the operation of the broker, there are often some questions about the operation, such as deposit, group adjustment, etc., need to find a specific operation record, we can quickly, accurately and comprehensively find the relevant log, restore the operation process at that time, help the broker identify the situation.

We will make timely adjustments and updates to the broker's trading rollover swap and interest based on the latest interest of the liquidity providers on Wednesdays and Fridays.

On holidays, the local financial market will be closed, we will set up the rules for every symbol in advance to avoid the brokers facing huge risks.

Before the rollover swap and holidays are set, we will issue the announcement to the brokers in advance so that they can further inform the retail customers.

System Health Monitoring

Quotes Monitoring

We will have a professional quotes monitoring system developed by ourselves. Once the unexpected quotes is interrupted, we will immediately inform the broker customer service team and immediately process it according to the emergency fault response process by our technical support team.

System Health Monitoring

System Update

We regularly perform regular system updates and security patch repairs on MT4/MT5 Server and Window Server to ensure stable and safe operation of the system.

System Health Monitoring

System Monitoring

We will monitor the server and MT4/MT5 Server system in real time. Once there are abnormal conditions, there will be timely warnings, which will facilitate the corresponding measures to ensure the stable operation of the broker.

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