MT4/5 White Label Solution

Deployment Service


Server Architecture

  • Live Server
  • Demo Server
  • Backup Server
  • Data Centre

Rack Server deployed on Equinix HK with excellent computing performance and stability up to 99.99%. If an unstable public cloud server is used, it is easy to have quotes interruption, platform interruption, etc.

Guaranteed to be in line with the real environment, giving customers the closest experience to real trading. Many companies do not pay attention to the management of the demo server, resulting in inconsistency between the real and simulated environments, which will cause many customer complaints and unnecessary troubles.

Use Intercontinental deployment to avoid regional single points of failure

Multi-operator, multi-regional distributed deployment architecture ensures stable and fast access for customers worldwide. If you do not adopt an excellent data center construction plan, the connection between the customer and the transaction server will often be unstable and the connection will be slow.

Network and Security Optimization

Network Optimization

Special optimization for different network lines, especially in the UK, New York, China, ensuring high speed and stability of network connections.

Security Policy Setting

All servers use strict security policies to protect against malicious attacks, intrusions, and cyber attacks.


For large brokers, it is recommended to deploy anti-DDOS high-defense servers to effectively target targeted DDOS attacks.

New York
Hong Kong

Update& Migration

Seamless Switching

We are familiar with the architecture of MT4 Server, which can complete the overall migration of MT4/MT5 Server without interrupting the operation and affecting the customer experience.

Data Migration

Whether it is MT4/MT5 White Label or MT4/MT5 Server migration, we can ensure that 100% of the data is copied to the new architecture, giving customers the most professional service.


  • 100% Data Migration
  • Data Integrity
  • Professional Service
  • Safe & Reliable
  • Without Interruption
  • Mature Technology

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