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Trading Time Zone

According to the properties of the broker, the time zone of the MT Server, customer management system and the server sets synchronously. The most common is to select GMT+0 London time.

Global Time

Limit the trading hours of the entire trading platform every day to ensure that no abnormalities occur during non-trading periods.

Symbol Trading Time Limit

For each symbol, set personalized trading hours to ensure consistency with liquidity liquidators and international major trading markets.

Daylight Saving Time

Adjust the corresponding trading hours every year when entering the daylight saving time and exiting daylight saving time in the United States, Europe, Australia, etc.


  • Initialization

    Standardize the parameters of 36 kinds of foreign exchange currency pairs, gold, silver, energy and 10 kinds of index CFDs according to the international standards we have compiled and developed.

  • Securities Grouping

    Reasonable division of transaction types and transaction types to meet the needs of the most convenient and flexible spreads, handling fees, and authority settings.Unreasonable division of some brokers will result in an insufficient number of transaction types in operations.

  • Margin

    Standardize the margin deposit, position, and hedging margin mode, margin currency, and profit currency for each product.

  • Rollover Swap

    Standardize the calculation mode of overnight interest for each item and the collection time of triple interest.

  • Order Distance

    Standardize the distances of each type of pending orders, make timely adjustments before and after major risk events, and effectively avoid market risks.

  • Fixed Spread

    In addition to floating-point currency pairs, it is possible to create a set of fixed spreads to meet the different types of business needs of brokers.

Historical Charts

Introducing FinPoints's unique historical charts dating back to 1997 for dozens of symbols to create a world-class trading platform experience.

FinPoints Aggregated Quotes Stream

FinPoints has aggregated the quotes flow of a number of liquidity providers through independent quotes aggregation technology to ensure that brokers will not be interrupted by a single point of failure of liquidity providers, thus ensuring the stable operation of the trading platform.
Unstable sources of quotes can lead to frequent interruptions in quotes, giving brokers huge losses and impacts

1 Main Quotes Feed

According to the selected liquidity providers, complete the test and access of the corresponding main quotes source to ensure that the quotes of the main quotes source is smooth and stable.

2 Backup Quotes Feed

An alternate quotes source prepared for the broker's access, ensuring that after the interruption of the main quotes source, there is still an alternate quotes source that can be used to ensure the stable operation of the trading platform.

3 Automatically Failover Switching

According to the characteristics of the main and standby quotes sources, the automatic switching mechanism of the targeted active and standby quotes sources is set to ensure the stable operation of the trading platform.

4 Quotes Filter

According to the statistics and analysis results of FinPoints, set the best quotes filtering mechanism to reduce the adverse effects of glitch and abnormal quotes on the trading platform.

User Group Customization Setting

  • Group Initialization

    Based on years of rich operation and maintenance experience, we will adopt a scientific planning grouping method to rationally divide customer categories and achieve efficient trading account management.
    Due to the lack of management experience, many brokers tend to build groups at will and arbitrarily mobilize them. This leads to the naming of hundreds of groups in the later period, and even the reversal of commissions and errors in commissions.

  • Trading Cost Setting

    Customize the group's spreads, handling fees, rebates, overnight interest, etc. for different user groups to meet the needs of the broker's flexible customer operation strategy.

  • Trading Condition Setting

    For different user groups, set the margin alarm ratio on the group, the forced closing ratio, the maximum number of order positions, whether to allow the use of EA, etc.

  • Trading Securities Limit Setting

    For different user groups, different types of securities, the minimum lot size, maximum lot size, and step size can be set to meet the operational needs of dividing the transaction account type.


Manager Role Setting

According to the operation and management needs of the broker, establish an administrator account with different permissions for efficient functional division and effective security management.
Prevent operating errors or improper operations due to excessive administrator privileges.


Cold Data Backup & Hot Standby Server Setting

We will periodically reset the core data files of MT4/MT5 Server to make emergency recovery as a backup file after a major fault occurs.
We will set up the hot standby of the MT4/MT5 Server. If the environment where the real server is located encounters a major failure that cannot be repaired in the short term, we will immediately switch to the backup server to ensure the stable operation of the trading platform.


Liquidity Connection

We have extensive experience in the institutional liquidity market and have access to all the usual liquidity providers on the market, which can help customers to communicate efficiently and well on slippage and quotes interruptions, and promote the improvement of liquidity liquidation environment.

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